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Paul S (8/14/2014)
Update on #8883- It was written off in a collision in 2007. vehicle was t-boned in the front end. Car was bought by the insurance company. Later in the year it was seen at an autobody shop in Saskatchwan being rebuilt; so it may still be on the road.

Andrew Shrader (7/27/2013)
Bought November 2012, ST185 motor, hood scoop added

Jay Copenhagen (1/4/2013)
White st-165-0002888 135k Bought on CL for 1k in McMinville OR now is being rebuilt In Hubbard OR
Blue st-165-0007053 165k Bought on CL for $300 in Eagle Creek OR Now is being Rebuilt in Hubbard OR

Chris Parkinson (1/4/2013)
11/1987 ST165 no. 463 Stock - just trying to find original OZ Racing rims, White, 230k. Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

Chris Parkinson (1/4/2013)
Grey 1988 st165 no. 8019 Melbourne Australia

Scott (Datspares) (1/31/2012)
1990. ST185. Blue. Prod#??? Melbourne, Australia. Currently in Datspares, Clayton [(02) 9551 7111] wrecking yard. Wide body. ST185R-BLMVZQ. E151F -767. Torsen Diff. Water to Air topmount Intercooler.

Brian Matlock (12/22/2011)
1991 black 194k. Love the car even though it is broken most the time.

axel (10/17/2011)
1988 st165 blue, production number 5324. currently in south east michigan, purchased with blown motor, in the process of rebuilding jdm motor.

celicaturbo88 (9/15/2011)
1988 st165 Grey Prod number 2890. currently in seattle area. purchased from boise ID in may of 2010.

Celicaturbo88 (9/15/2011)
1989 ST165 Red Prod number 8342. Currently in Seattle area. i originally purchased it in boise ID summer of 2000.

Jordan T (8/19/2011)
1988 st165, red, production number 006179. Currently in seattle, WA came from kansas city, MI 2nd gen swap wrx wheels. (Soon to be replaced)

Pedro O. (5/30/2011)
5088 California USA 1988 st165 white, 2nd gen 3sgte with ceramic ct26,turbo back exhaust, HKS mushroom intake, custom front mount, deleted power steering(removed seals from rack), deleted a/c, 16 inch wheels(till i get the OZzzz :D)and ive replaced just about everything on the car. planning on some rally coilovers, 88 rotors brake package and then 300whp someday :D

mikael arsenault (1/28/2011)
celica 1991 st185rc rally car black caplan, qc canada car from japan import
number phone 581-886-0338

daffi (1/27/2011)
Celica ST185 JT164STJ500000054 Black Germany Modifided Eng D2 Strut

Justin P. Woodward "Woody" (12/23/2010)
My Dream Car 1991 ST185 Red. Bought it off member FWD3SGTE in conneticcut 9/?/09 for $600 after it had been parted out . With 250k i made it my daily driver. Ive taken my college refund and put about 2500$ into the motor. Im planing on 350-400 whp.

Rey D. Astronomo (12/6/2010)
1992 ST185RC 20747 blue/gray (code 182) Rey D. Astronomo British Columbia Canada JnRGroup@hotmail.com JDM Import, bought with 126K off fellow BC member. My daily driver / project car, runs great. recent forged rebuild and other shiny upgraded bits and bobs.

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