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FREE: Spare wheel w/ new tire for a six-pack of IPA

PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2017 9:46 pm
by FC Zach
Item: OE wheel with tire
Item Condition: Used but good wheel and new/unused tire
Price: $60, shipping extra (edited, see title and post below)
Extra Info: Tire size, 205/60/15 w/ receipt for free balance from any Discount Tire
Location: Eagleville, TN 37060

I bought this wheel and had a new tire installed to have as a suitable spare to match the OD of the 215/45/17 currently on the car but since upgrading the brakes, this wheel no longer fits.



Re: FS: Spare wheel w/ new tire, $60

PostPosted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:06 am
by FC Zach
Spare wheel anyone? If picked up, I'll give it to you for a six-pack of IPA :D