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2nd gen engine and turbo for sale and interior parts

PostPosted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:00 pm
by awdmofo
I'm located in southern California FYI prefer not to ship as these are very heavy parts. I have a 2nd gen block from a 91 MR2 (160k miles), head from my 90 alltrac (212k), stock 2nd gen intake manifold and stock turbo and exhaust manifold from the MR2. Get all 4 for for $700. The block has been bored out 0.05 I believe per the size of the pistons i took out of them, the head has some wear on it but comes complete with all the valves, springs and is a complete head with cams. Turbo has very little play, came from a car that was running right before the head gasket started to leak. I might have another turbo ct-26 stock again as well for sale but it doesn't come with the manifold $150 for that, also very little shaft play also came off my all-trac right before the head gasket blew. Also parting out the interior of my 90 alltrac with sweet 90's dark blue interior, basically the seats, carpet, panels trunk area pieces and maybe the head liner. I'll be constantly updating this post so stay tuned...

$300 for the block
$150 for the head
$300 for the turbo w/manifold
$150 for the intake manifold

$150 for the turbo