Slight Rattle On Cold Idle-Trans in Neutral-Clutch Engaged

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Slight Rattle On Cold Idle-Trans in Neutral-Clutch Engaged

Postby 93celicaconv » Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:51 pm

On a 1990 ST185, with cold engine idle (1,200 RPM), transmission in neutral, clutch engaged (clutch pedal not pressed-in), there is a slight rattle noise.

When the clutch starts to be pressed in, the noise goes away.

When the engine is at warm idle (800 RPM), if there is a rattle noise, its so faint it can hardly be noticed.

When transmission is in gear and clutch engaged (we're moving now), no noise.

Is there a typical cause for the rattle noise at this one particular situation on ST185's?

I've looked around and feel there are 2 possible causes (not ST185 specific):
- normal unloaded gear noise in transmission, caused by input shaft rotating with no load on gears
- clutch fork not lubricated

If the cause is gear noise from the transmission caused by it being in neutral and unloaded, my understanding is that this is inherent on some Aisin transmission designs and is considered normal.

If the cause is a lack of lubrication of the clutch fork, this sounds like it is correctable. Where is the lubrication needed, and can it be done without removing anything substantial on the car?

If the cause is something else (ST185 specific), please advise on that.

I consider this a very minor thing - just want to see if this can be resolved easily or not.
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