1990 Celica AllTrac turbo owner from florida!

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1990 Celica AllTrac turbo owner from florida!

Postby Alltrac_Angst » Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:52 pm

I own a 1990 Toyota Celica AllTrac Turbo that I bought close to a year ago that I would like to get running now that I have the time and (some) money . My car does NOT run at the moment due to the abuse the previous owner put it through. Hillybilly's + Alltrac + 10 acres = you get the point. Essentially i'm posting on the new member thread because I want access to the vast amount of information this website holds, but I also have some questions maybe some of you could answer for me (please) lol.

I've taken a look or 15 and repaired some things on the car like the fuel tank and oil pan because they were leaking. The radiator and fan looked like it came off an old Mazda truck and upon removing it and the hoses, there was red Georgia clay ALL UP IN THAT THANG. That's not the only thing keeping this car from running either. Wiring looks like dog shit with strands of hay in it, and there's various bolts and brackets missing from the motor (shade tree at it's finest). No rust and a clean interior and body are what keep my future dreams or race car-ing alive. I bought the car not because of how it ran, but the potential I saw in it.

Finally, the questions.

1. Should I just rebuild this mess of a 3S-GTE?
2. Where should I start building if I wanted to replace stock parts on the motor with performance parts? I have plenty of time to do all the work, but i'll have to buy these items part-by-part and do a lot of unbolting old and bolting on new.
3.If any of you have a good parts website that I can browse for parts that you wouldn't mind sharing, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Josh.
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Re: 1990 Celica AllTrac turbo owner from florida!

Postby Corey » Fri Mar 24, 2017 6:07 pm

Hi Josh, welcome to the club

For aftermarket parts you can look through these off the top of my head:

http://www.xiiimotorsports.com/ (club member run)

For OEM Parts, there are a number of dealers in the US who run internet stores on the side, usually with far lower prices

Here are a couple I can remember:

https://www.lithiatoyotaparts.com/partl ... eid=215542

And for finding used parts, in addition to this forum we have:


And for owners manuals and big green books:

http://gt4.mwp.id.au/ (member run site)

And this is a great resource for searching OEM part numbers and diagrams:

For a good read on upgrading the 3S-GTE, see here:

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1989 Toyota Celica

Re: 1990 Celica AllTrac turbo owner from florida!

Postby underscore » Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:33 pm

For rebuilding vs replacing, I'd say that depends on your patience vs your budget. In my experience it's a lot easier to completely remove anything that was hacked apart by someone else and redo it properly. I'd start by replacing the mangled harness and seeing how well the engine runs. If the internals seem good just pull the motor, clean it up a bit, and reinstall it, so you know a motor mount isn't missing half the bolts or something.
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