All Trac VIN Registry

Decoding your Toyota VIN, model years 1987-1995

Even though we do not keep the full VIN number in the database, here's a guide for how to interpret it yourself.

Digit Position

What it Means


Country of manufacture: J=Japan
2 Manufacturer name: T=Toyota
3 Vehicle type: 2=Passenger car
4 Engine family
5 Chassis family: T=Celica?
6-7 For 16x, 62=Convertible; 63='86 ST; 64='86 GT; 65=GTS; 66='87-'89 ST; 67='87-'89 GT; 68=GT4. For 18x, maybe replace first "6" with "8"?
ST2xx changed numbering, 00=94 ST
8 Body type: C=Coupe; K=Convertible; L=Hatchback; M=4wd Turbo
9 Check digit
10 Year: H=1987; J=1988; K=1989; L=1990; M=1991; N=1992; P=1993; R=1994; S=1995
11 Assembly Plant: C=Ontario, Canada; O=Supra plants; U=Georgetown, KY; Z=Fremont, CA
12-17 Sequential production number

Thanks to Luc Morin and Trisha for the information on digits 6-8 of the VIN!