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    88 Alltrac in San Francisco 160k miles, $7000 Overall it looks really solid, the only rusty bits are bolted on which is a nice plus.
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    Doors have electrical gremlins

    Unfortunately I can't put the car anywhere that it would be safe to leave it for weeks with the door open. I was able to strip down the old door, not a fun task, and get the harness out. To play it safe I plan to plug it into the car but just have it sitting on the floor in the cabin, and leave...
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    Hey- new member

    Welcome! There's a couple of us here in Kelowna and a meet up in Vernon every summer as well.
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    Doors have electrical gremlins

    The door came with everything but the door card and mirror, so I just bolted it on and plugged it in. I'm glad I didn't throw out the old door now.
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    Doors have electrical gremlins

    Lately I've been having an issue with intermittent parasitic draw, it would be fine for a while and then suddenly be dead over night. Recharge the battery and repeat. I replaced my drivers door after the original was damaged during a failed theft attempt and the mechanisms were quite stiff so I...
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    Minor disaster strikes Night Fury!

    Yeah I've been here a while haha. I've owned my RC since 2011. As I understand it if you don't have documentation of the mileage it could be anything. Sellers used to always claim that clearly high mileage engines with no odo had 60-80k km and I doubt that's changed. I don't think I've heard...
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    ST185 TWM Or TRD Short Throw Shifter (Or is there a better way?)

    I've heard of people using 7th gen ones but I haven't done it myself.
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    Bad transmission in 1989 Corolla All-Trac wagon

    Either way you need to pull the trans, so why not take it out and take it apart and see what's actually broken before buying anything?
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    Minor disaster strikes Night Fury!

    Putting in a jumper to disable the fuel pump resistor is pretty common, there's a OEM jumper from certain FWD models that you can use for the "proper" way but what you have shouldn't have gotten that toasty unless it was done incorrectly.
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    185 Acting Weird, running rough, no RPM

    It definitely sounds like the ECU, but before waiting on a replacement take it out and open it up. If the caps have leaked it'll be very obvious.
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    Radiator for st205

    Which gen body with a 5SFE? A 5th gen or a 6th gen?
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    compare 1990 plus mr2 ecu numbers

    If it's just the capacitors that are damaged they are easily replaced by someone with a bit of soldering experience.
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    Since we are talking about auctions...

    I think the leather + sunroof + no system 10 + no AC makes this a pretty rare example. Considering it's recently resprayed I'd want to see some underbody pictures though. I don't know what they're talking about with the oil sump though, that's weird.
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    I've been considering it if I ever pop my motor. I love the turbo noises but making more power with just 87 octane would be a big improvement. I saw a guy in Australia that I think managed to mate it to the AWD trans for a 1st gen Rav but ran into firewall clearance issues. I'm not sure if we'd...
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    Congrats on the purchase, consider me a member of team jealous. I'm a big fan of the 2GR. It's a hoot even in my wifes Rav4 so I can only imagine what it'll be like in that light of a car.
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    Wanted: ST185 Alltrac in PNW

    I've been in the same boat with mine, kids + a wfh job so barely use it. But then I get to takeit on a fun road and I don't want to give it up.
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    Greetings from veteran Toyota guy, All-Trac newbie

    Wow, those are rare. I've seen a couple people with the roof spoiler but I don't think I've ever seen photos of the rear window louvers installed before
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    Greetings from veteran Toyota guy, All-Trac newbie

    You could do what some Subie guys do and put an oil cooler up top under the hood scoop.
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    ST185 AC system overhaul with photos

    This is very timely because I want to get the AC back into my car next winter. Were you able to remove the core housing without removing the entire dashboard?