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    88 Alltrac in San Francisco

    Ad is still up on Facebook. Might still be available.
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    ST185 AC system overhaul with photos

    Very nice. I believe the condenser is originally a Denso unit and is still available online, but not available through Toyota.
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    SOS What RL caliper fits the later gen larger 11.5" brakes?

    What type of car is this on? ST165?
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    Rise of the machine - ST185 Rebuild

    Is that some kind of crazy storage lift?!
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    Minor disaster strikes Night Fury!

    How much of the pump are you wanting to remove? Just the outer pump and replace the orings? Or the whole “adaptor” plate the bolts to the block and holds the crank seal? I wouldn’t touch the adaptor since you have to drop the pan, but I would replace the orings and drive seal.
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    My Car Landed from Japan

    Don’t do rubberized undercoat. It can actually trap moisture and salt making rust from faster. Something like fluid film is a better choice.
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    91 all trac for sale

    Celica? Camry? Corolla? Location?
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    ST165 ECU harness female crimp terminals?

    They are tyco. The st165 uses the same connectors as an obd1 Honda if I remember right. Might make your search easier.
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    Bad transmission in 1989 Corolla All-Trac wagon

    I apparently didn’t read this very well. Is this an auto trans?
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    Bad transmission in 1989 Corolla All-Trac wagon

    E series transmission parts are becoming more and more rare. From what I understand the Corolla trans is very similar to an early Rav4 trans. The biggest issue is the E series was a good transmission so not many people have to rebuild them. Finding someone with a lot of experience with them is...
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    Minimum Viable ST185

    Check your sugar cube. It’s a little metal cube in the pivots (or selector arm things) on the transmission. It can cause shifting issues if worn out. I know Ryan M (badnews) rebuilt his trans a year or so ago, but he went with a dog gear set. Some of this info should still be useful. He has...
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    ST185 AC system overhaul with photos

    You appear to have left off the part number for “Visa”. If you could provide that I’m sure all members would benefit. 🥸
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    Minimum Viable ST185

    There were a lot of great sites in the early 2000s. Tons of useful information and pictures. Sadly most of them are gone.
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    Minimum Viable ST185

    Each generation was different. In the US the ST185 had the E150F.
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    Project Money Pit 🤑

    I haven’t had to buy a clutch in over a decade so I’m not sure of the current quality of aftermarket throw out bearings, but back then the aftermarket ones always squeaked. I always recommend a Toyota bearing for this reason.
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    ST185 ATA Safe Boost Level

    The stock ata isn’t terrible. The stock ecu causes most of the issues when you increase boost. 14psi would be fine, but I would recommend you put a fan on the intercooler to keep heat soak under control when in traffic.
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    Has anyone ever ordered from this site?

    I’ve ordered stuff from them, but it was many years ok. Everything went fine. I would buy from them again. No experience with the struts.
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    Camry diff swap?

    Has anyone ever swapped a Camry rear diff into an St165/185, or vise versa? I’m wondering if the axle bolt pattern is the same on the stub shaft. The EPC shows different part numbers for the stub.
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    ST185 axle interchangeable with ST165?

    It looks like I’m backwards. Looking on rock auto and it says the rear nut is 19mm for 90-91 and 22mm for 92-93.
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    ST185 axle interchangeable with ST165?

    The nut, and therefor threaded portion of the shaft, is smaller. The nut is also a single flanged nut, where the 90-91 is a nut with separate washer if I remember right. I believe these changes are why the axle nut torque is different even though the bearing and hub are the same.