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  1. Tippo

    New GT-Four Owner

    I have a USD (miles) ST185 GT4 All-trac. They can make it much further!
  2. Tippo

    ISO thermostat back housing and AFM for a 1990 ST185 Celica.

    best to refurb. these are VERY hard to find. i just sold the one off my OEM gen 2. SW20 MR2 turbo have different T-stat housing, so that's out.
  3. Tippo

    Center Diff

    check fuses, switches, relays. maybe ohm out the wiring if all is well. since that's inside --> under the car, likelihood of one of them going bad is high.
  4. Tippo

    New GT-Four Owner

    that color is absolute class. enjoy it! Miles mean not as much as how it was raised and run.
  5. Tippo

    1991 Celica All-Trac - RUST

    Super sad to see an ST185 getting torn from the underside but as is tradition in our area. I'd be interested but I just can't get another project haha. So close to me too!
  6. Tippo

    92 All Trac w/a Shoulder Seat Belt Problem - SSBP

    This is a mechanism in the seatbelt ratchet itself. If pulled with enough force, the design is to stop due to centrifugal motion hitting the "stopping" point AKA accident or rapidly pulling the seatbelt. When spun slowly, it will not spring the point of stopping AKA putting on your seatbelt...
  7. Tippo

    Minor disaster strikes Night Fury!

    I have my ST185 insured for $25,000 on Hagerty through a third party insurance broker. Not that it helps really, but they accepted the value based on the rarity. Do not settle, especially since it's not your fault. Do whatever it takes to get value for fixing it and try not to total her... it's...
  8. Tippo

    Minor disaster strikes Night Fury!

    This is OUTRAGEOUS! I'm so MAD for you. Hopefully you get a HUGE payout. This is unacceptable and I'm so upset that these things happens. No drivers license, no passport... somehow still had insurance. People without drivers licenses should NOT be on the road. Period. These are 2-4 ton weapons...
  9. Tippo

    Super Seized oil filter

    Get used to it, haha. Mine even broke my hand once. Glad it worked out this time, now you know how to deal with it.
  10. Tippo

    Super Seized oil filter

    I use one of those 3 jaw oil wrenches that tighten onto the filter the harder you loosen it. It also has a magnet to keep the filter in place. However, if it's stuck it will crumple no matter what you do...
  11. Tippo

    Buying Left side narrowbody front fender

    Wow, that's terrible. Also, that thing has been bondo'd before. You can see where the old accident is and where they attempted to correct it.
  12. Tippo

    Project 621; Imported ST185

    As your mechanic said: The fan issues are normally due to the sensor at the bottom of the radiator or the relay. here the the modem numbers on rockauto I've used to replace mine when it stopped working on high temps:
  13. Tippo

    Hood Gap 5th Gen swap

    The FMIC should fix any issues with fitment unless the turbo isn't clocked correctly. i was wondering if the alltrac hood fits with the TMIC and small modifications but now we know... mostly
  14. Tippo

    Which fuel pump is required for 350ish AWHP?

    i started but switched back since i needed the car to... you know... drive. when i get the tune date i'll start the xfer. car is garaged for the winter anyways. i plan on doing this some time in march or april.
  15. Tippo

    Hood Gap 5th Gen swap

    I was waiting for this thread. Most people swap the TMIC for an FMIC in this scenario. I was debating the gen5 but decided against it because in the past i've heard of clearance issues with the stock hood (and immobilizer). Aside from a low pro oil filter for the filler cap, i'd imagine the TMIC...
  16. Tippo


    SHE LIVES! love to see it. looks good so far, can't wait what you have to say about it.
  17. Tippo

    Side Mirrors USDM Wanted

    Tons of people overseas are looking for the aero mirrors (or whatever the codename for USDM is) so the price is going up. You can use ALL 1990-1993 celica models for this. ST, GT, GT-S and All-Trac as long as they are power, as you stated. I have a few pairs, but holding onto them. (the ones on...
  18. Tippo

    Which fuel pump is required for 350ish AWHP?

    I paid ATS for an ECU masters ECU with a full tune and I have yet to hear from them almost a year later about the tune - lol. Aaron and Scott are knowledgeable but ultra busy.
  19. Tippo

    AGM Lightweight Battery?

    iirc one user recently installed a smaller battery. i think it was rororei. i think it blew up, but that was due to crossing the cables. he did a write up on the light weight battery. check the search for it.
  20. Tippo

    What Gear Oil do I Use?

    Not sure about the Corolla but us ST185 owners use Red line MT90 Synthetic.