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    Equal Length Headers?

    I’m a little skeptical about it not being a moving part but these cars are mysterious…
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    CJ Motorsports/ Brandon Lee

    Jesus that’s some engine jewelry right thar. Post up the after install review when you can!
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    Project 621; Imported ST185

    Great report. It’s amazing how many nuances and subtleties these cars entail. Overall I’m impressed with your perspicacity (dedication). Thoughts on that ticking. Toyota motors can be a little talky. A ticking noise that is linked to revs is going to be a moving part. Or, something loose...
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    Roreri—The New Motor One Month Review

    As the group might know, I had the Roreri over with Ty Saxon’s shop (TCS Motorsports) in Covington Kentucky for a Gen5 Caldina swap. I went with all the options. The job took longer than I wanted partly because fuck TCS is busy (65 2GR-FE swaps into MR2s alone in 2023!), partly because of...
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    Project Lazarus: From Graveyard to Gen4 Swap ST185

    I’m sure the shipping was the major factor in the expense. Fucking ridiculous shipping costs. I have nightmares that I ordered something from GT-4 Play then remembered something else I needed the next day.
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    The ST185 wheel size thread (offsets, widths, etc)

    If you go 17s you will find that you want to stay on the hardball roads. 16s are better for occasional dirt road excursions. As you already have the 16" Enkeis you could let those be your Blizzak wheels, and feel free to do what you want with the 17" Ultraleggeras. In Colorado, I find that a...
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    1990 Corolla All-Trac

    That would be a great little banger for a teenager.
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    Custom Control Arms (How to)

    These look really spiff!
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    Rally Wheels and Tires

    I have a wheel and tire set priced out. $2700. Ouch!
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    Rally Wheels and Tires

    Mud season is here and I am up at a cabin with the Lorelei. I have OZ 16” wheels, and am considering rally tires. I’d raise the Feal 441s I have on it. And I am thinking softening them 3-6 clicks (current right at the center, and 15 clicks either way to full stiff or full soft). I can’t seem...
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    Custom Control Arms (How to)

    Looking forward to seeing these tomorrow!
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    Project CMS

    I did have a pretty full dance card as I came across though: Springfield, Saddle Brook, Kansas City, and Wichita. Not exactly a straight line! Next time!
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    Project CMS

    It was dumb of me not to reach out to see if you’d have liked a visit as I made my way west from TCS Motorsports with my GT-Four. I overnighted in Springfield and visited grip-addict (Dan) in KC. Next time!
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    Reconsiderations and Options with car (Front Control arm busted and possible frame damage)

    How about sometime from the 23rd to the end of the month? I’ll inventory the stuff and lay it out in pics. I won’t be down in the Springs until then, so in that timeframe I’ll give you a price.
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    Roreri Maybe at Denver Ramen Festival

    Out of 20 cars I took it for granted that two of them would be skylines and two would be Mark 4 Supras. So, if the idea is that he’s trying to get a cross section then the rest would be kei trucks, minivans plastered with anime stickers and so on. I think the emphasis will be on a certain...
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    Roreri Maybe at Denver Ramen Festival

    They selected the vehicles and mine was not one of them. I suggested they post the selectees as I was curious which absolute badasses edged me out. A little disappointed.
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    The ST185 wheel size thread (offsets, widths, etc)

    Staggered is a no go for AllTracs. That’s a bit of a bummer but I wonder whether it’s possible to find a wider rear that is a 100% dead nuts on diameter match for a narrower front. Like a 215 or 225 front with a 245 rear with flaps would look mean as shit. But really 195s with aggressive...
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    Best Solution for ST185 rear brakes?

    Yeah the 205s are well sufficient. The Willwoods are also more than sufficient for the fronts.
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    Reconsiderations and Options with car (Front Control arm busted and possible frame damage)

    Right the fuck on Monachopsis. That kind of practical knowledge serves well with this kind of car. If all works out well could be an interesting side or even main business.
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    No power anywhere after installing fan

    Yeah keep it separate. Wire it direct, with the temp probe lashed down wherever you want, and then that way you’re not adding complications to the wiring system.