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    Project Lazarus: From Graveyard to Gen4 Swap ST185

    With spring around the corner decided to finally pick the car back up. Ended up purchasing an ECUMaster ECU from ATS with the whole works. Decided to get a remote tuning session in with Aaron as well. Going to need to give some more love to the car. Paint has got to be next lol...
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    Northern Mass / NH / ME

    I'm in southern New England, few of us still around in the area.
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    Horn install

    There should be a 2 prong connector cable in the steering assembly for the horn and airbag (if yours came with one). that should wire up to your new steering wheel. you may have to wire it in manually. Look under your dash, if you had an aftermarket steering wheel to begin with somebody might...
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    185 All-Trac Drivetrain for sale + Electronics

    Awesome deal for somebody. How's that newer gen good good going?
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    Stock standard fully original

    check parts / junk yards and marketplace for any 4th gen Celica, that cowl and door trim piece will fit any version. also, congrats on keeping the car clean, you made a great investment keeping it together.
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    st 165 value

    yeah, we're missing a ton of info here. we could give you a number if we had some more info. picture, miles, rust, underbody, interior, exterior, brake/fuel lines, gas tank, drivetrain etc etc.
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    Project Mirum: A Pleasant Surprise

    A while back, before obtaining Lazarus, I heard of a possible ST185 coming up for sale locally. I texted the owner, asking if he's going to sell to give me a heads up. Well that was a while ago and I had since obtained Lazarus by sheer tenacity. Fast forward to last week, I received a message...
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    Project Lazarus: From Graveyard to Gen4 Swap ST185

    Here's the story of how I got the newest member of the family. Buckle up, it's a fairly long read: Nearly two decades ago driving to college in my 92' Celica GTS, I noticed out of the corner my eye another 5th gen Celica parked at a house. I paid very little attention to what was sitting there...
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    Don't know if you guys can handle this car... "don't reccomend this car for a first time driver. 1.6 liter engine got some kick." careful everyone, the 1.6 liter engine "got some kick." :doh:
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    WarTowels Great Seller!

    Thanks for cleaning the tails up so darn well. I'm going to be putting them both on very soon. The tails are in excellent condition, packed nice and neatly and exactly as said. Sooooo much bubble wrap, hahaha. Thanks Greg! -- Tim
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    mx6er2587 great seller!

    I know you're busy lately, but everything came in great and your price was unbeatable. Not to mention great communication. Can't ask for better, thanks man.
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    Project: What else? Now with eye candy!

    I feel sort of obligated to post now. Anyways here we go: As most of you know, my last ST185 ended in terrible terrible ways. It went up on a lift and *CRUNCH!* in half. Ended up loosing tons of money and selling it for a parts car, which was probably the most stupid thing I could ever do. Then...
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    BBoYRuGGeD Amazing Seller!! A+++

    Bought the manifold and c26 off him. It came as exactly expected and not only that but the NEXT DAY for shipping costs that were probably lower than what I paid. I would definitely recommend him and his friend that were selling any items! A+++
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    1991 All-trac Restoration and GO!

    Looks like I have to post in here now! Well here's my story: I'm the proud owner of a 1991 Toyota Celica All-trac turbo! Yes after many years I decided instead of looking at everybody work on them and configure my GT-S to buy one of these instead. It all started years ago when my best friend...
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    Hey guys!

    Wanted to say Hi after lingering here for a while. Seriously I've been visiting for years and never really said a word. I've basically come here for advice left and right on my 1992 GT-S and see how everybody's All-tracs were doing. I've been a complete fan of them since late 90's early 2000's...