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    System 10 amplifier wanted

    I have a couple spare amps, I'll have to double check if either has the bracket. I think one has the pigtails but neither has the full harness.
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    Project Stormbringer

    That's an impressive amount of clean up work that I'm assuming involved an equally impressive amount of head scratching and gnashing of teeth. You've already got it sorted for now but an fyi for the future, there are people/companies who can apparently rebuild those rear hatch gas strut things...
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    Horn install

    What does the back side of the hub adapter look like? it should have something that touches those rings.
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    1991 RC recovery mission - "Rebel Scum"

    Today I got the car back from the alignment shop, I brought it in yesterday but it wasn't holding an alignment so they ended up keeping it overnight and finishing it today. It handles a lot better but the ride height is still fucked. I put new strut inserts in the fronts, swapped the springs...
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    Here's everything I've got related to Celica manuals and documentation, this should be viewable by anyone but not editable:
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    I have copies of some of the general Celica BGBs saved, I can try to toss them somewhere for people to grab.
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    1991 RC recovery mission - "Rebel Scum"

    While waiting for the struts to show up I swapped back to stock motor mounts and crossmember bushings. Overall I was happy with the poly mounts and aluminum bushings but since the car gets used for long drives a lot more now I wanted to try and eliminate some cabin rattles. Hopefully this helps...
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    The guy who owned it shut it down a while back, I can't remember why but it's a shame because there was tons of good info there.
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    1991 RC recovery mission - "Rebel Scum"

    I stripped the front strut assemblies apart and found that the passenger damper seems to be bad, it's not totally blown but it's way easier to compress than the drivers side, it comes up way more slowly and it doesn't extend fully on its own. I also found the bearing in that mount has a bit of...
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    1991 RC recovery mission - "Rebel Scum"

    I got the new strut mounts but before I install them I want to sort out the weirdness with the ride height. When I first put in the 1" spacers in 2019? or so the car sat level and it was great. After doing a TSD event the rear hunkered down and won't go back up. I've emptied the trunk and reset...
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    Forum software upgrade

    No issues to report, but I like how it retroactively gave me awards for things like my first post haha.
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    Overboost code 34 when not at high pressure?

    1991 GTFour RC, it's having an intermittent problem where it will trigger fuel cut and throw a CEL for code 34 when the car isn't actually making much boost (if any). It's happened a couple of times when doing longer climbs up hills at 3-4psi and also once while turning at a traffic light. All...
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    Fuel pump shuts off after a couple minutes

    Currently when I start the car up it will run and drive fine for several minutes, then shut off. It'll crank no problem but won't fire. If I jump B+ and FP in the diagnostic box it runs fine. I previously had an issue with a replacement EFI relay that was bad so I figured either that or the...
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    Door tweeter/mirror covers

    I know these are long discontinued, are there any aftermarket ones out there? 3D printed perhaps? I know Carbon Microsystems makes some but 220 euros is more than I want to spend. Alternatively what have you guys used to hold them on that's still removable?
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    Fuel system - where is the "Starter Relay"?

    My car was sometimes having issues starting, when I'd jump the fuel pump in the diagnostic box it'd fire up so I assumed the issue was the circuit opening relay. I replaced it with an aftermarket one, no dice, I replaced it with an OEM one, no dice. From my understanding of this circuit the COR...
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    FS: ST185 BC Racing RM coilovers

    Selling my BC Racing RM coilovers for an 89-93 Toyota Celica AWD, but with a small adjustment can work on the 86+ models as well. I used these for about 5000km before changing to a different setup. I gave all the threads on the damper body a good coating of antisieze so you can easily adjust...
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    A/C system seals

    I'm going to be putting the A/C back into my car, and I'm assuming that's a good time to be replacing all the seals and o-rings in the system. Is there a kit somewhere with everything or a list of part numbers for a 185? Searching the parts fiche I didn't see any o-rings shown.
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    Extra front lights

    What are you all running for extra lighting up front? I'm thinking of changing up my current driving/fog lights, possibly to something hidden behind the grille. I'm on the fence about doing ST fogs with yellow lenses, I haven't seen any done like that in an RC/CS bumper yet to help me decide so...
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    Alignment question

    From my understanding a macpherson setup has the same camber through the full range of motion, so can the camber be measured and adjusted while the car is in the air? Or does it need to be measured on the ground, lifted, adjusted, lowered, checked on the ground again, etc?
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    Has anyone lifted their Celica?

    Right now my car is ~1" lower than stock on coilovers. I'd like to do a couple of novice RallyX events but I'd rather not do them while lowered and I don't want to swap back and forth to the stock suspension and then need an alignment several times a year. I was thinking of making some spacers...