88 Alltrac in San Francisco


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160k miles, $7000

I have a 1988 Toyota Celica turbo all-trac, ST165, for sale. It was a one owner car before I bought it last year. I intended to fix it up, but I have a few other projects, and I just don't have the time for this one right now. It is complete inside and out, no missing or broken interior pieces. Completely stock aside from the exhaust. The car runs, drives, is currently registered until next year. The problems: TPS code, Knock sensor code. The sunroof is very rusted, but I have a clean replacement, including the interior tray and motor. Some rust on roof at windshield, some rust on hatch at window. Couple of dings and dents. Obviously needs paint. Comes with: Two replacement sunroof panels, extra drivers side fender, extra trans cooling duct, extra intercooler pump, 2 extra window master switches, extra set of pre-facelift tails, Some pre-facelift GTS parts, OEM OZ Rally wheels can be had for extra.

Overall it looks really solid, the only rusty bits are bolted on which is a nice plus.