90-91 ST185 Stock Wheels

I have (2) sets of OEM wheels for the 90-91 ST185 (not sure if the 92-93 ST185 wheels were the same or not). One set is in great condition, the other set is in good condition. They would be very expensive to ship, so local pickups would be preferred. I suspect no one is looking for OEM 15" 5-lug wheels (most have aftermarkets on their ST185's), but just wanted indicate I have a set. Located in Wisconsin. If no interest, they are going to the salvage yard or to a recycle center.


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The door sticker for my 1992 JDM GT-Four reads like this:

GT-Four Tire Pressure Guide.JPG
Basically, 15-inch wheels supporting 195, 205, and 215-width tires. So, probably the same.
The view below shows what the 90-91 ST185 15" Alloy Wheel part numbers were (there was a separate LH and RH wheel). I looked up a 92-93 ST185, and per Toyota, they use the exact same wheels. It appears that the 90-93 Celica GT-S also used these exact same alloy wheels. The ST185 had 215/50VR15 tires - same as you stated, Roreri, although I don't think this particular size is made anymore.


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Those ones outlined in red are an interesting style.

Not much to add so I crave your indulgence as I ramble.

It's interesting the differences between the narrow, taller tire and the wider, shorter tire within the range allowed "by the book." I mean, you could have a nearly 3% smaller circumference and a .7 inch lower stance by going with the 215/50R15s instead of 195/60R15s

Taller and Shorter Recommended Tires Fifth Gen Celica.JPG
You'd have better low end pickup with those shorter 215 tires I bet, but maybe you go to the 195s for snow tires. Interesting implications. I'm thinking this through a little myself as I consider Bridgestone Potenza RE-71RS 215/45R16s for dedicated summer tires and something like a Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 195/55R16 for a dedicated winter tire.

There are still 215/50R15 tires available, but your choices are somewhat limited, at least per Tire Rack. Vredestein and Pirelli.

https://www.tirerack.com/tires/TireSear ... iameter=15

Trouble is, unless someone wants to go stock, 15s are out of style. Even 16s are considered quaint by some. For my part I like a little sidewall.
My reference to 215/50R15 tires was from maybe 5-6 years ago, when I found none. But I see your reference to TireRack does provide the 2 tires available now in that size. That's pretty good to know. I have a 93 GT Convertible with the 14" alloy wheels, and at least a recent check indicated 14" tires in the OEM size weren't available either. I don't need tires for that convertible but wonder if I should keep one set of the 15" wheels knowing there is a supply of 215/50R15 tires now available for them. Thanks for the tip. At least one set of those 15" wheels will still be available, don't need two sets of those wheels.
For reference, these used OEM ST185 alloy wheels at 15" dia., 5x100mm bolt pattern, 6.5" wide, 39mm offset.

If no interest on this site, I will put them up for sale locally.