91 alltrack add additional inline fuel pump instead of risking tank to put bigger one in tank fto increase volume and pressure


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I have a 1991 alltrack would like to increase the fuel pressure so I can increase boost but don't want to risk ruining the gas tank trying to take the lid off has anyone thought about adding a second in line pump instead of going into the tank


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Best off to drop the tank and pull the fuel hanger in order to install another fuel pump. The only other thing would be to install a fuel cell inside the trunk. Really, the obvious option is to take the difficult but necessary route then install a HPFP. Stock fuel pump can support up to 300hp iirc, so better off just checking the fuel trims if you're increasing boost to see what it can handle. You have a few options here but installing a second in line pump is definitely not where i'd be looking.


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The factory ECU only knows how to deliver fuel based on fuel pressure conditions that a factory fuel setup would provide.

Please keep the boost level under 12 psi, your motor will thank you.