Aluminium Rear Diffmount business ending offer


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I decided to stop my business with those kits and will sell out the last sets I have:

Prices shipped to your door:
Aluminium rear diffmount + 2 poly bushings: 120EUR shipped (instead of 140EUR)

Conditions are as known:

I prefer payment with paypal to and the parts will be shipped out immediately!

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me!



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I HIGHLY recommend these. I bought them from Mario a few years ago now, customer service was great and the bushings fit well and made a big difference in the rear of my car.


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The offer was extended (see first post). Had to be listed as official Seller...

All Prices are in EUR shipped to your door! Prices in brackets are the normal prices without special offer.

There is only one set of crossmember bushings left! Diffmount kits are still some more in stock.


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Subframe bushes are out of stock at the moment. If there is enough interest (more than 5) I will produce some more sets for the special offer price.