Cold air flow passenger side ST185


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Anybody experienced this?
My car is an LHD and old. So now it is about 0°C over here and I noticed this before, so I swapped the interior radiator. Made new seals for the old air vents, etc, etc.
But, the drivers gets real hot air, the vents for the passenger too, but somewhere behind the glovebox, cold air is entering the cabin.
Normally not a big problem, but now it is cold here and last weekend we were able to cruise with about 200 km/h through Germany, the passsenger side gets cold feet and (right) leg, sigh.

If I close the ventilation from outside to inside, it is almost gone.
If I try to search for the cold air leak, it is somewhere at the fan, I guess.
I have to bite the bullet and remove the heaterparts where the air is entering the cabin. I hope it can be done with the dash in place. Wish me luck.

Probably next week, since this week the car must to the garage for the Mot test.


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I have a similar/the same issue with mine. The drivers side gets hot while the passenger side doesn't. I've also noticed that if I don't have the upper vents selected, I get cold air through the center vents (above the radio).


I remember having this same issue with the center vents. Now it's been a while but IIRC if you have the air recirculation ON you shouldn't have cold in coming out of the vents. If it's off (air coming from outide) you'll have cold air out of the vents. not sure if that just how the car is built lol but i had the same issue


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Yes, I know, but that is not the problem.
The (all) vents are blowing hot air, but somewhere, behind the fan itself, there is entering cold air into the cabin.