Corolla GR Is coming.


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Can you imagine just driving over to the dealer and being like "Hey, I'm interested in the GR Corolla...brakes."



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They'd probably give you the same look I got when I was at a euro shop getting Porsche pads for my Celica lol.

I can't recall where I saw 114.3 so you might be right, if I was able to swap all my brake sets between both cars that would be quite helpful for me. Big brakes are cool but I hate running 17s in the winter.


Btw it's near impossible trying to find info to order or even preorder one, let alone the circuit edition. First years of these are going to be near impossible to get. I called a few local dealers here, each dealer is allocated ONE! My closest local dealer has 8 people waiting and one potential car coming. And I thought getting a sea-doo switch was difficult.
Edit: the largest dealer in my state is allocated 10. They are overbooked, just in case finance falls through. The GM told me production numbers are around 8500. I'm #18 on that waitlist lol