Difficulty Reinstalling Top Mount Intercooler.

I am working on my 1990 All-Trac with TMIC. I can't seem to get the intercooler back on. If I start by putting the throttle body side on first, then I can't get the turbo side coupler onto the turbo. Or, if I start with putting the turbo side part of the intercooler in place, then I can't get the throttle part of the intercooler to fit into place. I gave up after a while and came here for some help. I think that if I can remove the rubber throttle body inlet, I can then attach the inlet to the intercooler, put the turbo side of the intercooler in place, then resecure the inlet side with the 4 bolts.

But, I removed the four bolts on the throttle body inlet, and I can't seem to get it to budge. It is really on there. I don't want to force it and destroy it or a gasket that may or may not be behind it.

So, how do I get the throttle body inlet off guys?
I got it. I gave the top of the inlet a few whacks with the screw driver handle and then wiggled and wiggled and wiggled it free. I reassembled everything from that point with ease.
Old worn-out couplers will make the install difficult. You should consider replacing the one between the turbo and the intercooler. I know I had difficulty with the OE one and swapping to a modern silicon coupler made intercooler installs go much smoother and easier.
Thanks grip-addict. Your advice is spot on. Upon reinstallation the hose coupler between the turbo and intercooler began to crack. My question is... What size is that coupler? Is it 2"?

And is this still available from Toyota?
I haven't run factory in a looooooong time so I can't provide good advice there, sorry. What has always worked for me in the past is using an affordable micrometer (harbor freight has them for pennies all things considering, else there's online markets like https://www.amazon.com/WEN-10761-El...&sprefix=digital+caliper,tools,93&sr=1-5&th=1)

Figure out what size you need then buy an aftermarket silicon coupler. There are a ton of brands out there and most are fine. Just an example, I've been using HPS silicon couplers for the past 4 years on this build with vibrant t-bolt clamps and no issues. The coupler diameter sizes will match with the OD of the pipes. So if you have 2" pipes, then make sure you get 2" couplers.