ECU Repair

92 All-Trac

Is there anyone active anymore that can repair an ECU?

I think my capacitors are failing and am hoping there is someone that can repair/replace them.

Thanks in advance!


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I was researching the same thing a while back and saw a recommendation on reddit for Relentless Motorsports TX:

Disclaimer: I have not talked to them personally yet, but was planning on contacting them about my ECU.
I'm aware of this company. My previous car was sold to a gentleman using Relentless Motorsports to push his car to 700whp. Apparently they do a pretty damn good job down there. I have no other info on this.

Also, soldering in capacitors is pretty easy. Ever consider doing it? I'd get an aftermarket ECU or purchase another OEM and then give it a try unless you're really worried about it.


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I replaced the caps in both of my ECUs and it's pretty easy as far as soldering jobs go. The best way to practice would be grabbing a junkyard ECU from any Toyota car from that era. The list of caps you need is on here, get some decent ones from Digikey and away you go.