Gen2 3SGTE part out and other ST185 parts


Item: 3SGTE and ST185 parts
Item Condition: Used
Price: See below
Extra Info: See below
Location: Indianapolis IN, USA (Pickup only)
Preferred Contact Method: PM or reply

My swap is complete and storage prices are increasing, so I'm looking to part with some stuff. Pick up in Indianapolis only for now. Everything is 1990 ST185 or gen2 3SGTE unless noted. Everything was working when removed unless noted. Nothing listed has ever been stored outside.

Gen2 3SGTE (head & bottom end) - this was a "40k" JDM import that I put another 60K on before it died. Looks like a head gasket issue on #3, but have a look at the pics. Bottom end spins smooth and easy. $400
Gen2 3SGTE USDM head - original to my ST185 ~120k miles, No major issues that I'm aware of. In the pics, this is the one with the cam gears removed - $200
CT26 x2 - one seems to spin a little more freely than the other. One should be JDM, if there is a difference - $100ea
Gen2 exhaust manifolds x2 - $50ea
3" ebay ss downpipe - $50 (pretty sure it is "xs power" brand)
Gen2 intake manifold x2 - one is egr and one is not, the jdm one was never used by me - $75ea
Gen2 TB with sensors x2 the jdm one was never used by me - $75ea
SOLD Gen2 water neck and sensors
Gen2 T-VIS x2 - $50ea
Gen2 fuel rail - $50
Gen2 valve cover x2 - one is powder coated, but has wear - $75ea
Gen2 AFM (ST185 USDM), with filter adapter - $200
Gen2 ECU (ST185 USDM) - $200
SOLD System 10 head unit (ST185 USDM) - $50
SOLD System 10 amplifier (ST185 USDM) - $25
ST185 alternator - $75 (cooling duct sold)
ST185 A/C compressor, fan, lines, etc - $100 for all, or can split
Caldina ST215 A/C compressor (I never used this) - $50
ST185 ABS lines, pump, computer, etc - $100 for all, or can split (Plastic pump cover sold)
SOLD ST185 Fog lights - $75
ST185 tail lights (3pc, early version) - these are pristine, as they haven't been on any car in over 20 years - $150
SOLD Cam covers
SOLD Rad hoses
Various other brackets and gizmos, see pics. I don't throw things away, so if I didn't list something, ask.

Totally willing to negotiate prices or sell items separately. There is enough here to make one complete engine if you need it. Hoist available for loading. Will trade for: widebody fender(s), Gen4 spares


Do you have the steering rack mounting brackets? I need the Driver side only but I'll pay you for both if needed. :D