Heater control ST185


My heatercontrol does not illuminate good and some led's are showing malfunction.
Tried to open the module and see if I can fix things.
But, since most off the plastic is + 30 years old, it breaks. :cry:

Disassembled the control unit, but to acces the leds, the board has to come off the front. That means the little knobs must be removed and I tried one (the most top, outside and inside ventilation) and the little clips broke immidiately. *sigh* But, I think I can fix that.
Too afraid now to remove the other little knobs. So the boards is staying where it is.

Three off the four mini lights were burned, but that is no problem either. I can solder new bulbs in the little holder.

But, during removal the print, some part fell out. Took a picture. Is there a member who, by accident, is having an control unit laying around and who is kind enough to take a picture for me. So I can determine where this piece is going to be exact?




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Next week I can try to take my spare LHD one apart to take a look. Or I can just send it to you, I don't have a LHD car anymore so I don't really need to keep it.


Thank you very much.

Yesterday evening I was able to determine where the missing piece must be.
I repaired the bulbs, messed around wih the switches with led's and all seems to work now.

Soon I wil install the unit in the car and see what happens.

Eventhough I am interested in your LHD unit. But shipping to europe may be killing us?


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Ah right you're in Europe. It's not heavy, so maybe it wouldn't be too bad. I can pick a random city to get a ballpark estimate and see.

edit: looks like if I can get it into a small enough package shipping should be ~$30 CAD.