Hi!!! New and looking for some help with my intake!


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Hi! relatively new to everything.. I'm currently working on rebuilding the turbo and I felt like it would fun to make a cold air intake... currently the intake is a mess, and making it one whole tube or two would be nice. If anyone knows of a for sure product for sale that fits a st165 all-trac, please do let me know. I want to keep the stock format and not move the battery. Thank you!


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I would recommend just looking up photos online. There are many setups and many ways to go about it. I am currently in the same phase as I am am doing a st246 swap in my st185. Bolt ons now and days are getting harder to find.


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Welcome. No bolt ons available. All custom sadly but not super complicated. If you check my project thread there is some info on how we did mine.


The 205 has a bolt on kit(although rare nowadays), which i have heard could work, but really, a cone filter then some custom heat shielding is a good starting point