MTEC and Black Diamond Review


Hello so I have recently been able to throw around my car after having installed these brake discs;
And some black diamond racing pads and here my 2 cents

OEM single pot fronts
OEM updated larger rears
MTEC dimpled and slotted 11.5" (all 4 corners)
Black Diamond Predator pads
Steel Braided Lines
Prestone DOT 3

TLDR: for any heavy or track driving, upgrade to BBK like the 986 brembo kit

now the long answer, so in the mountains i heat soaked the brakes super quickly, and after such they didnt work at all. After checking for fluid temp and fluid leaks, it was the rotors that were the weak part. Fluid temp was luke warm and the lines were all good. After about 25 minutes they were good to go but they heat soaked after about 15 minutes of downhill spirited driving (with heavy acceleration and braking). If you plan to take the car as a road and street fun car theyre fine, you will heat soak them but it won't ever be common. For any real heavy driving these thing will toast out far too quick to be reliable for more than 2 hot laps.

The price isn't bad if you live in Europe but shipping to the US is expensive, even if you don't order from GT4play. I needed new brakes to get the car on the road but the price I paid honestly was one just to get the car moving, and I would have not paid it otherwise. I had to buy all new calipers, rotors, lines, and pads and hindsight 20/20 I should have just went straight for a BBK for the front atleast. All in I paid close to $700 and I could have bought, refubrish, and install some brembos.

Now that pads: good albeit dusty dusty. They grip well and squeak a little compared to other pads. They transmit brake feel well as well. All and all they would be great if the rotors held out too. Any real track pad would blow them out of the water but I only paid like 100 for all 8.

For the future I plan to buy some of the porsche brembos and machine an adapter. I might buy a larger master cylinder too. My main concern is clearing my current factory enkeis that are my winter rims.

Does anyone run a stoptech setup? I like their 2 piece setup and ease of sourcing.