Narrowbody Wheel Fitment and opinions


Hello so I have been having a lot of trouble on finding wheel specs that fit and look right on a narrowbody. I have found a couple of threads where 1 or 2 examples are listed; etc. I understand that R17x8 et+35 is safe and works but to any narrowbody owners what do you run and can you give pics please? Do I need spacers? I know they don't ruin driveline but I don't like to add wear where I can avoid it.

My safe option is some OZ Ultraleggeras with R17x8 et+35. Image disclosed below (Due note none of these are mine and as such I do not take credit and cannot help with anything about them)

Another thing who is this OR what rim setup is this? I have fallen in love with it. This would be my prefered setup if someone knows. Also which would you chose?

Any help is appreciated!