Rally Wheels and Tires


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Mud season is here and I am up at a cabin with the Lorelei. I have OZ 16” wheels, and am considering rally tires. I’d raise the Feal 441s I have on it. And I am thinking softening them 3-6 clicks (current right at the center, and 15 clicks either way to full stiff or full soft).

I can’t seem to find any rally tire in 16” so 15” seems to be the way to go. Thoughts on wheels and tires? Hoosier makes a rally tire in 15”

OZ still makes the classic rally wheel but in 17” 18” and 19” which is disappointing.

I’d post some muddy girl cheesecake pics but I cannot attach straight from my phone—the files are too large.
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Sparco might have something. If not have to tried checking for some factory 16"/15 off of like nissians or hondas?