Rear struts


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I'm trying to locate a left rear struts for my 93 st185. If a pair is available I'll take them or any recommendations for a set of coil overs


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i needed these two and there is one left for the right and none for the left.

The right side one is located in the northeast.

The way to get this fixed is to do the strut modification which is on the articles on the front of the site.


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KYB does make aftermarket rear struts for the ST185. Unfortunately, they are not distributed in the USA. However, if you look around you might be able to find a store that will ship overseas. Part numbers are KYB 334-053 for the rear left, and KYB 334-052 for the rear right.


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yyonline, thank you for your guidance.

I was able to finally get these KYB rears from overseas. In case anyone else is wondering how to get these...

Found them online and ordered from there. First, i would use paypal if i did it again rather than my credit card as I had to call them and verify all my information and I could have saved that overseas long distance call.

Second, they didnt have these in stock so they had to get them to KYB which took a week, and of course there are no substitute parts and they checked that before they went straight to KYB. I ordered them on 8/4, final invoice on 8/12 and they arrived 8/17

Currency on this one was british pounds. Each unit was 56,71 and delivery was 87,00 so total of 200,42 and the conversion rate when i ordered was 1.30 (thank you brexit) so about $260 US. Note my credit card also has no up charge for foreign exchange...