Short throw shifter issues


So I have bought 2 new short throw shifters and neither worked....
The newest one is:

I have a 1990 GT4 Narrowbody with the metal shifter cage, is that the issue? As per Superklasses return policy I might not be able to return it and as such might just have to find a way to get it in, if so is that only a 1993 cage install away? Does anyone have these issues. Anyone with a metal cage and short throw shifter?

Thank you!

Orig. FKR

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Did you figure this out, I've take my Alltrac to Toyota and an aftermarket shop and they can't figure it out?

Orig. FKR

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I was just told by them that I have to source a 6th gen plastic shifter cage, I'm going to ask for a refund as this wasn't stated on their website


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