Side Mirrors USDM Wanted


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Hi All,

I am chasing some side mirrors to be sent to a friend of mine based in California to suit ST184/185.

Must be USDM with electrics working and glass in tact. I would ideally be chasing 3 or 4 pairs. White is preferred but would consider all colours.

Let me know how much you are after and I can pay + postage via PayPal



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Tons of people overseas are looking for the aero mirrors (or whatever the codename for USDM is) so the price is going up. You can use ALL 1990-1993 celica models for this. ST, GT, GT-S and All-Trac as long as they are power, as you stated. I have a few pairs, but holding onto them. (the ones on my cars are broken).
They are getting harder to find, they are basically stock ganadors or whatever the people call the style on other cars. It's also nearly impossible to fine a set that aren't cracked they all seem to do that.


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Thanks for the reply all

Yep, Australians love the ganador style and I have a group of celica mates who would be keen on a set. Thought it would be worth a try! Haha


This is funny because I bought the JDM retractable mirrors a while back and planned to swap them in. Didn't know the USDM ones were sought after.