ST165 and 185 Parts, Fuel Rail Throttle Body Engine Harness


Sold my 185 and 205 after years of uninterrupted service. Time to let go of my last few spare parts! Priced to sell, pick them up quick because if they don't sell here they're going to the junk heap!

165 intercooler reservoir. Came off working vehicle, no leaks. $20

165 Throttle body. Again off a working car with no problems at the moment, has TPS mounted. $20

FC RX7 Mass Air Meter. I've used it on a 185 for testing purposes. Performance seemed unchanged. Has not been opened for modification. $10

SW20 MR2 turbo engine harness. I picked this up for a 3SGE-3SGTE engine swap. I'm told it is uncut and undamaged but I never got the chance to see for myself. $50

Ships out of Ontario, will ship anywhere.