ST165 ECU harness female crimp terminals?

Does anyone know the part number, or where I can buy the female crimp terminals for my ST165 Gen1 Wire Harness??
I need to add 4 wires into my ECU for a Coil on Plug conversion.
They might be made by AMP/Tyco?

Having a hard time finding them! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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If you have part numbers, digikey is a godsend.
Otherwise.. I'd give Ballenger motorsports a look. They stock a lot of this kind of thing for older Toyotas.

What are you using for your ECU and how do you plan on handling triggering?
Heck yeah! That's cool.
I need to do the same on my car and I've just been waiting for my rebuilt motor to show up before I start down the wiring path. Are you going to use the factory 12v circuit the coil/ignitor is on or are you going to run a new line?