tapping the o2 sensor inside the cabin


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I would like to put a air fuel gauge in my 91 alltrack I would like to try and tap the O2 sensor in the car instead of installing a second sensor in the exhaust system does anyone know the best place to tap into that sensor wire inside the car


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You should have a quick read up on the differences between narrow and wideband sensors. Regardless of how you collect the data, you'll need a controller of some sort to interpret and display the data to you.

The factory is narrow btw.


I have a AFR gauge I have to install and to my understanding you HAVE to add another sensor that is wideband. Looking at the header though right next to the factory one wouldn't be bad. All it takes is a 'bung' adapter you weld to the manifold, but I understand that can be alot. If I install my gauge before you do (hopefully early July) I can help you out with pics and whatever else