The ST185 wheel size thread (offsets, widths, etc)

Mr Alltrac":17pqe2lh said:
Sorry thought I posted that. 245/35 r18
I don't see where you did. Anyway, the tire size my son put on his has a tread width of 8.4" and a section width of 9.8", and a diameter of 24.7". They just miss the rear struts and are just inside the rear quarter wheel openings with the 15mm spacers - just barely.

Your 245/35R18's have a tread width of 8.8", a section width of 9.8", and a 24.8" diameter. I think your diameter will be fine - technically. That tire is pretty close on section width and diameter to my son's tires. The wheel offsets are pretty close to each other too. So a 15mm spacer for the rear wheels should work out for you, and nothing needed on the fronts, and you should just squeak by relative to strut clearance and fender wheel well lip clearance - I think (and just barely). My thoughts anyway.

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Yeah I didn't post it but I thought I did lol
So in theory it works. I may just wait and try to bolt on the wheels from my brz on after the tires are mounted.
If It clears I'll keep them if not I'll send them back and get a 17x9 wheel setup.


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Old thread, but just thought I would post what my son has on one of his All-Tracs - and everything fits and looks great:

- Wheels: Compomotive TH1781, 17x8.0 size, 5x100 bolt hole pattern, 35mm offset
- Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+, 245/40ZR17
- Spacers: H&R 3025541, 15mm thickness, 5x100 bolt hole pattern (for rear only)

Clears the factory rear strut and no issue with the fender opening.

Great info! Thanks for posting.


17 x 8 Rota Grids in Bronze, +35 offset, all 4 corners. Rear has 1" spacers. Stock suspension.




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Konig Hypergram 17x9 40et. 20mm spacer rear, 5mm spacer front. 255/40 tires.


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Enkei PF05 17x9 +40 flavor. Front clears. Rear needs at least 10+ mm spacer in rear, then gets pretty close to fenders, would need to roll. Too wide for my taste, but surprised how much i like the white... Hmm...




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Project car in the works Avid 1 av6 in bronze 17x8 35 mm on 255/40 temp tire still looking for other tire options. Any recommendations on tires size for this offset and spacer size I see everyone is running 20mm in the rear I think the front would be fine currently. Yes the car is undergoing Serious rehabilitation. Gen 5 swap upholstery and paint


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One last thing. How does it effect your turning radius I know the bigger you go the more it is difficult to turn in tight spots.