Update: Epilepsy Sucks!


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I'm sorry I have been off the forum for a long time. It appears that there have been a few people interested in decals, etc over the last few months and I have been MIA dealing with a medical crisis...

About a year ago my wife started having seizures and has been diagnosed with adult onset generalized epilepsy. Since then, I have spent all my free time taking care of her. Our lives drastically and permanently changed in a matter of seconds as epilepsy destroyed everything we've worked hard for over the years... We've had to learn how to live with this devastating disease and adapting to it has been quite a challenge. So far the medications are not working very well and her seizures remain poorly controlled... Epilepsy has certainly given us a new outlook on life and what is important. Among a host of other things, we quickly became a single income family as she was forced to quit her job and has not been able to go back to work. I had to sell my 165 to pay for medical bills (which have topped $100k so far) and have been focusing all of my energy on my sign company, Ideation Design Group, since it is now our main source of income. Unfortunately everything related to motorsport (including RaceWear) has taken a back seat as we attempt to recover this disaster caused by epilepsy.

I am still very willing and able to supply alltrac.net decals to anyone that is interested along with other things like t-shirts... I still do a lot of screen printing and if there is interest can make some more alltrac t-shirts, etc. If you are needing anything (including alltrac.net decals) please email me at racewear@mckenziespoor.com or send me a PM.

I will try to be better about checking things on the forum here and I am sorry I have been out of touch for so long. I really miss my Alltrac, this community, and hope to one day find another one to love some day.



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I am very sorry to hear about your wife. I know exactly what it is you are going through, as I have someone in my close family affected by the same problem. My prayers are with you and your wife. Don't loose hope - things may change for the better. I will contact you through e-mail...


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I wish you the strength to endure. I have family members who have had to cope with similar situations, it is never easy.



I've never personally had any contact with anyone who has this condition, but after studying up on it in school, it's definitely something that doesn't sound fun.

Hope the best and I think if a group of us wants the decals, may be easier for you to make a big batch.



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Thank you for all of the support. Of all the disabilities one can have, a disease that effects the brain is one of the worst... We both have a lot of new found respect for anyone that deals with something like this since it drastically makes daily life more difficult. Hopefully we'll figure it out and be able to live a more "normal" life in the near future. We are seeing a very good epilepsy specialist so we are in good hands. That said, it is a very short journey to the edge of medicine and science regarding epilepsy. It is a poorly understood disease with few treatment options when compared to a lot of other medical conditions.

Regarding the decals, I can make as few or as many as needed at any time since I own all the equipment. I'm out of all the Alltrac.net decals at the moment so I am going to make a few dozen sets of the stock colors tomorrow morning that I can send out whenever someone wants one. I already have a couple PMs/emails from members that want some. Stock colors will be white, silver, and black but I can also make custom colors on request. Just let me know what you'd like.