Wiper motor ST165 compatible model


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Long story short, my windscreen wiper motor burnt out. To find a replacement is either very expensive via rallying parts suppliers for an uprated/refurbished unit, or very rare (in New Zealand) to find for sale anywhere including for a 1987-88 non GT4 model.
By chance, my local car wrecker let me rifle through his Toyota wiper motor bin. With my original motor with me for comparison I eventually found another model that has the same mounting points and angle (very important). I can't confirm the internals or gearing is the same but it works perfectly and was only NZ$20.00 compared to the US$500.00-ish for the 'correct' part number.

Here's the main point...
ST165 1987 model ex Japanese market (imported vehicle).

Wiper motor swaps out perfectly with KE70 Corolla wiper motor. Assuming that the wrecker labelled it correctly. 20230315_102239.jpg20230315_102340_001.jpg

I don't know what years the KE70 Corolla was produced, I'll leave that up to you to look up but I know it pre-dates the ST165 by quite a few years.