Tech Articles

  • SAFC Boost Mod

    Convert your Gen II SAFC to adjust fuel by boost rather than throttle position By Robert Pina

  • ST165 VPC Notes

    Help on installation and wiring of an HKS VPC into an ST165 By Robert Pina (Helped by Justin Smallen)

  • Cool Air Temp Mod

    The latest in our series for you do it yourselfers. This is mainly for those in a warm climate. This will make your air temperature gauge inside the AFM (ST165/ST185) always read 68 degrees F. During the summer if you let your car idle or sit at a red light the Air Flow Meter will heat soak and the temperatures read by the sensor are extremely high. This causes the computer to retard timing and hinder your performance. Even once moving and colder air hits the sensor, it takes time for it to read normally again. This way it reads a colder signal all time time. By Robert Pina

  • How to install a manual boost controller (MBC)

    Here are what you need to know about installing a manual boost controller (MBC) on your alltrac. By Gary

  • Greddy BCC/HKS FCD/Zenier install notes

    Some diagrams and pin outs that will help you get that FCD installed easily. By Robert Pina

  • Adjustable Fuel Cut Mod

    Originally created for an MR2 3sgte, will work just as well for All Trac. An adjustable fuel cut will still allow you to run all the boost you like, but still have a fuel cut at some point just incase something goes terribly wrong. This could save your engine! By Bill Wotschak

  • Fuel Pressure Up Mod

    This will raise your fuel pressure without a fuel pressure regulator, give u a little more acceleration off the line, and give you almost 2 more psi. All you need is a 5-6 feet of high quality vacuum hose. The link above will give you a poorly drawn diagram. But enough to give you the idea. By Robert Pina

  • Add Intercooler Fan (ST185)

    An informative how to on getting your i/c cool. Written by Dennis Heath Courtesy of Gt4 List

  • Cold Air Custom Intake (ST185)

    The steps of a custom intake box and battery relocation to the rear... Written by Matthew Crawley

  • Adding a pressure switch to TVIS (ST185)

    This allows the TVIS butterflies to be opened up at a certain PSI level Written by Albert Bult

  • Disable the Turbo VSV

    This allows you to run an electronic boost controller properly. Written by Robert Pina

  • EBC (Electronic Boost Controller) Installation Diagrams

    These are original documents about how to install an HKS EVC in an All Trac. It specifies ST165, but ST185 would be a similar install. The diagrams prove useful for all electronic type Boost Controllers. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

  • How to install a Greddy TD06SH Turbo Kit

    An excellent step by step guide on what the manual doesn't tell you. Written by Marc Summers

  • Tips on installing an APEX'i S-AFC

    Complete wiring diagrams and a few key pointers on Super AFC installation. Written by Robert Pina

  • Convert your sealed rear struts to insert type cartridges

    A simple writeup on the procedures of converting your sealed struts into replaceable cartridge type. Also there is notes on a coilover spring conversion from Ground Control Written by Matt Yates

  • Modify your Bailey BOV to be stronger

    The Bailey valve comes with only one setting. If you find this is too loose, here you can modify the tension. Written by Ivan "Saffo"

  • A/F Gauge Installation

    Some wiring diagram and tips on what to use for your a/f gauge voltage/reading. Written by Robert Pina

  • Shimless Valve Bucket Conversion

    How to convert your shim style bucket to a newer lighter design for ultimate revving! Written by Ross Machine Racing

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