Modify your Bailey BOV

Modify Your Bailey BOV

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With the kit fitted and all not working you will experince to common problems:

1- Dump Valve is working but does not idle (stalls at junctions etc...)

This is due to the dump valve opening when the engine is at idle or on deceleration. The engine then draws a small amount of air through the valve thus by-passing the meter unit causing the car to stall.

To fix remove the grey fitting on top of the dump valve (I used a bicycle tool bar the one with hex shapes as on e size fitted perfectly) and then insert a philips screw driver until you feel it fitting into a screw. Now with all in position use your finger to jam in one of the holes so only the screw moves and not the dump valve (If you see the black area in the hole turn you are not adjusting the valve) now turn 1/8th turn anti-clockwise and refit the plastic (grey) clip to top of valve and refit vacuum hose and try again if same problem repeat until all is fime. (remeber to jam the black area through the hole when adjusting otherwise you are doing nothing!!!)

2- Car runs fine but Dump Valve is not Dumping!!!

This is caused by the engine not creating enough vacuum to open the valve. Remove to grey fitting from the top of the dump valve and and insert screw driver (philips) as above and this time turn clockwise 1/8th turn. Remeber to jam finger so no movment is seen through hole or you are not adjusting the valve just turning everything inside.

If you hear a creaking style noise when you turn the screw you have not jamed the valve and are not therefor adjusting the valve.

If the problems above continue the repeat each process until all works well!!!