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1990 Toyota Celica

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BC coilovers, Rota G-force 18x8.5 rims, front mount intercooler, ally radiator, relocated battery to the boot, wound the boost up to 13psi, heavy duty clutch, 3" exhaust, and lazy eye head lights. I've also got a roof spoiler, front and rear brakes and two new bucket seats to go on. I've also done some weight reduction, the aircon has gone, boot lining has gone, the spoiler has gone and fog lights have gone and various nuts and bolts that aren't holding anything important on haha Currently my best quarter mile is 14.28 and the old ECU cut the engine because the boost spiked past 14psi so it might have some more in it.
1990 Toyota Celica
Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:45 am
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