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1991 Toyota Celica

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i've bought my GT4 in 01.11.2007 from a Toyota Service Manager.
after blown the engine, i've decided to go forged internals and hight quality after market parts and OEM parts.
after a 1000miles break-in period i was able to make dyno test, this was the first and only dyno pull after break-in period... only one run.
with stock exhaust, stock intake, 1.6mm head gasket, 9afr mixture, ct26, @9psi boost and quite a lot boost leaks. but still 208hp (158awhp)
After the dyno now the car runs @ 11.5:1 afr & 15psi boost, and no more boost leaks. i think it is now about approximately 250hp.
according to the HKS TT my 0-100kph is 5.64seconds (as you can see in the picture of turbotimer.
and according to the speedometer;
my 100-160kph pull at 3rd gear from constant 100kph is about 7seconds.
this parts are only for the groundwork/base, because i want to go with Turbo/ECU/FMİC/CAMS and more in a few years...
thank you for watching and voting...
1991 Toyota Celica
TS Red
Sat Jan 14, 2012 9:34 am
8500 Kilometers
Engine Type
4 Cylinder Forced Induction
8000.00 EUR
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