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1990 Toyota Celica

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1990 Celica turbo alltrac. Extremely rare color = Medium Blue Pearl exterior with Blue cloth interior. Also optioned strangely, didnt have System 10 but had an optional double DIN cassette (which added the tweeters in the door like the system 10). Also had the optional power seat package (power bolsters, lumbar) that was standard with the leather seat package. Vehicle was purchased from original owner in 2001. All documentation including the window sticker. Car was purchased new at the local Toyota dealer (the one closest to me in columbia). The sheet metal is original and it has all its original stickers (including those on the bumper supports). Car has been stripped down to the sheet metal inside and out. Everything has been replaced and/or HPC coated. Wore out a 3/4" drill and used about 5 gallons of simple green cleaning the grime and gunk off the underbody of the car. About everything that could be removed was HPC coated (including the suspension A-arms, rear subframe, trailing arms, driveshaft etc ..).

I may not have the most mods in the garage but I have touched every single component on this car.

New parts:

New Radiator
New Hoses (all vacuum, discontinued heater hoses, radiator hoses, transmission cooler hoses, etc ..)
New Toyota short block
New oil pump
New water pump
All new seals
Rebuilt head [New toyota exhaust valves, HKS valve springs, HKS 264 camshafts, AEM cam gears]
New PS pump
New PS hoses (ALL of them)
New AC compressor, condensor
New AC hoses (ALL of them)
New engine wiring harness
New sensors on water neck
New PS rack and end links
Superpro bushings on all the suspension components and swaybars
HPC coated most of engine components (including the bolts :) )

Rebuilt the transmission, all bearings and synchros were replaced . Had to buy one of the bearings from overseas.
New Clutchmasters kevlar stage III clutch.

Rebuilt the driveshaft. New spyders and new carrier bearings were installed. Center section of the shaft (with the rubber inner coating) was painted M blue pearl, the other two sections are HPC coated. Put new bushings in the subframe. Put in a ST205 LDS rear differential (not to mention that I have a brand new one for a ST185 in the basement). New gas tank and all new gas lines to the filter.

ATS CT27 turbo (used turbo from 56K mile MR2 turbo as core), Aussie 3" DP, Aussie 3" MP, HKS Hyper catback.

Projects to be done:

Install WTA system with TTE core (have complete)
Install RC hood (have)
Aftermarket radio (have correct conversion harness to use with system 10)
Put on whaletail spoiler from a parts car bought years ago
Paint the car (ouch .....)
1990 Toyota Celica
Medium Blue Pearl
Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:03 pm
152000 Miles
Engine Type
4 Cylinder Forced Induction
4000.00 USD
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