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map sensor

Postby gpmarzan » Sun Sep 24, 2006 6:30 pm

Does having the vac line disconnected from the map sensor produces a more richer a/f ratio like Roger (furpo) said in other posts regarding this topic? Does anyone have theirs disconnected and noticed a difference in performance? If the ecu does use the sensor for other drivability issues other than for fuel cut/overboost, wont a fuel cut defender also play a roll by tricking the voltage? I had mine disconnected for a while and after reading what Roger said about the car running a little 'more' richer with the vac line disconnected, i hooked it back up. Yes, i know that a lot of you do this so that you can up the boost and avoid fuel cut. I would just like to know if the map sensor does more than just watch for overboost.

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Re: map sensor

Postby Rallly » Fri Dec 16, 2016 12:54 pm

91 Celica AllTrac oem turbo

After disconnecting the rubber hose(blocking it with a bolt) that goes to the map sensor, my fuel cut has been gone, YAY:)
With the nipple capped on the sensor side my oem boost gauge is always showing MAX boost in my gauge cluster.

With the nipple NOT capped, oem boost gauge goes up and stays at 1/4.

Car seems fine both ways but I wonder if with it capped showing full boost on cluster if this will alter what the ecu does with fueling?

Any ideas guys?
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