Midpipe options

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Midpipe options

Postby CMS-GT4 » Thu Aug 12, 2004 9:18 pm

Funny story...

So I have been hving issues with my car, mostly blamed on the lack of an IC. I had a cat back sard exhaust, and had just installed a dp. Since the dp had issues matching up with the stock midpipe, I had to run an open dp until I could cut the lip of the midpipe and connect them. I noticed the car ran better and started easier. I also had more power longer. The low end was lost but that was to be expected with an open pipe. It was very loud as well. So I connected the stock midpipe, and the exhaust was quiet... too quiet. I also noticed the power dropped off after 3k and there seemed to be no performance gains with the dp, then it hit me. The stock midpipe must be clogged. So now I am looking for my options to gut it, then to get a new one once funds get in order.

First off, I am looking for sugestions on getting it gutted. Should I just take a broom handle and bust it out, or some other means? Also, need to source a 2.5" mp. I did concider a 3" pipe, but I am afraid I might have an issue with having a 2.5" system, with a 3" midpipe. I am looking for brands and a place to purchase. So far I have had no luck finding a 2.5" midpipe. No one seems to carry scorpion any more (UK).

any sugestions are appreciated.
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Postby BraveUlysses » Thu Aug 12, 2004 11:18 pm

The aussie MP will bolt up just great if your downpipe and catback both mount like stock units did.

You can break out the innards of the cat, but you really shouldn't, there's a number of very toxic heavy metals that shouldn't be in the garbage, water, air or human body.
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Postby alltrac.net » Fri Aug 13, 2004 4:16 am

There is no issue with a 3" midpipe against a 2.5" catback, other than it does not flow the same as a 3" midpipe can.

I have always wanted to offer a 2.5" midpipe, but without stock pieces to template or a car to do it on, it has been a pipe dream.

One thing you can do is cut off your midpipe at both flange ends and drive to a muffler shop. Have them install a 2.5" crimp bent pipe between the flanges.

It should cost around $100 to do.
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