1990 All-Trac - Coolant Leak Help

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1990 All-Trac - Coolant Leak Help

Postby 93celicaconv » Sun Jul 12, 2015 4:29 pm

Hi. My son just picked up a 1990 All-Trac from Arizona. Car is in amazing shape - all original, all the options from that year. Not perfect, but that will be my hobby to get it close for him.

One of the items I saw when I inspected it was low coolant level. I had to add about 2 quarts between the radiator & overflow bottle. Without running the engine, I noticed a very small coolant leak the next day, with a trail ending at the oil pan lip (where the gasket is). I followed that as far as I could, and know it is dripping down from a source between the A/C compressor at the bottom and the alternator at the top. I could see & feel the coolant inlet housing/thermostat housing, and the radiator hose, and that all was dry.

To leak with no pressure causing by a running engine getting the coolant warm is concerning to me.

I've heard there are certain coolant hoses on the 3S-GTE that are called "Hose from Hell" and "Hose from Hell on Earth". The HFHOE is in the vicinity of where I think the source could be (a hose that runs from hear the water pump to a connection on the oil cooler).

Does this hose have a frequency of failure that would want me to consider taking things apart to see it better? How does one inspect this hose for leaks w/o taking a lot of stuff off to see that hose or area around it better?

Any help here would be welcome.
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Re: 1990 All-Trac - Coolant Leak Help

Postby yyonline » Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:47 am

It's called the "hose from hell" not because it fails frequently, but due to the difficulty of replacing it without removing the engine from the car.

Here's a nifty photo I found on another site that gives a good idea of the cooling system piping and hoses around that area. It's from a MR2, but the All-trac is very very similar. (source: http://www.turbomr2.com/MR2/HowTo/Engin ... GTE-02.htm)


Link to image as the forum has issues displaying the full thing: http://www.turbomr2.com/MR2/HowTo/Engin ... nished.jpg

The "hose from hell" is labeled, the "hose from hell on earth" is coolant bypass hose No. 5.

In addition to hoses, there are gaskets and o-rings between many of the parts that may leak. Water pump shaft seal is a common leak point. Here's the parts diagram for the o-rings and gaskets:

http://utoyot8.com/Picture.aspx?ccId=30 ... e=&ppName=

"Hose from hell" is 16283. "Hose from hell on earth" is 16282.
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Re: 1990 All-Trac - Coolant Leak Help

Postby 93celicaconv » Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:37 am

I'm thinking it is the No. 5 Coolant By-Pass Hose. I know I can't get my hand down there to feel for coolant on the hose. I will need to use a small automotive mirror, I guess. I ordered 2 of those No. 5 hoses, and the No. 6 Coolant By-Pass Hose as well. While I'm inspecting this winter, I might as well replace these and the same No. 5 By-Pass hose on the firewall side all together to ensure no coolant leaks in the immediate future (at least from these hoses).

First, though, is a 100% all fluids flush/replace process. I don't know how long any of these fluids were in this car, but it was rarely used in the last 10-15 years, and I'm betting that, except for engine oil & filter changes, the other fluids are pretty old. This should keep me a bit busy during the winter months.
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