Direct Fire Ignition

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Direct Fire Ignition

Postby freddie » Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:43 am

I'm in the process of getting my 205/3SGTE engine ready to install into my ST165.

My son gave me a Autronic SMC and DFCDI ECU (for free) Which I am going to install
most definitely and at the same time I am going to fit a trigger wheel and crank
position sender ignition set up.

I read the How To by Dennis Heath in the Alltrac View Topics. Good article
very detailed, the only thing was he fitted the Autronic SMU to a Celica ST185,
but there are some pluses as well. Like the 205 does not use a MAF and the Toyota
ECU software is based on MAP and MAT sensors. So some of the bits needed for the
SMC are already there.

The Alltrac View Topic on Megasquirt is also very helpfull on triggers and position senders.

Now to get all this to work I am going to have to get some special bits Like:-

Coil on plugs.x4
BCV Boost Control Valve (3 port solenoid control valve) no not a BOV
Bosch Ignition Module
May be a relay or two to hook up the fans AC etc
A 1Kohm resistor for the AC switch

A muti- toothed Trigger Wheel.
An Electronic crank position sender.

The Autronic ECU can handle the signals from the Trigger Wheel directly.

Has any one done this type of ignition set up? And could help with info?
For instance the size and type of trigger wheel I would need. Types of senders etc.

I has sussed out a few bits on the web and on Ebay. But no such kit are available.
Making brackets or bits does not worry me.

I believe this has the makings of a good thread. It could be applicable to any
after market ECU. What do you think?

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