Decal Stickers for Celica GT4 ST165

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Decal Stickers for Celica GT4 ST165

Postby freddie » Fri Sep 16, 2016 4:23 am

Hi I need to replace my decals "GT Four Celica Toyota" that is on the rear spoiler - trunk/hatch cover.

I looked on the net UK ebay and came across a ebay site: prop_kulture which is in Long Creek Canada, that makes Altrac decals
and can make them.

Anybody heard of this company or knows what they are like? Or interested in getting some made? I am located in Australia.

Or do you know of other companies offering stickers for Celica GT4's. (I know you call them Altrac lol).

So I am after 1 set of grey GTFour/Celica/toyota decals and 1 set of GT-S/Celica/toyota (for my 162 also) and a large Toyota
emblem sticker to put on my ST205 intercooler.

Anybody got some suggestions???
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Re: Decal Stickers for Celica GT4 ST165

Postby underscore » Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:22 pm

Can you post a link to the Canadian company making them?
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Re: Decal Stickers for Celica GT4 ST165

Postby freddie » Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:58 am

I have not as yet got a confirmation or price from Prop_Kulture of making these decals. I have just sent them (ten minutes ago) photos and dimensions of the decals.

I have been waiting for feed back from the forum.

I found the link while looking on eBay UK site where they advertise and they responded to my message. The email I received was from :-
eBay - prop_kulture ( if that is any help. If you go on the UK eBay site "Celica GT4" you will see their ad. picturing the rear of a ST165

I have asked them if they can make me 1 set of "GT4 Celica toyota" and 1 set of "GTS Celica Toyota" ( for my ST162 lol)
Note the rear decals on the Celica are 3 individual stickers. So the word "GT-Four" could easily be substituted with "Alltrac" and visa versa.
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Re: Decal Stickers for Celica GT4 ST165

Postby ___Scott___ » Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:41 pm

It looks like the people are selling cut-vinyl stickers. I'm sure they look fine, but how will they hold up, and will they snag the sponge while you are washing the car.

Another idea worth considering is an actual decal:

I don't have any idea how they compare price-wise, but if I were looking for replacement decals they are the ones I would rather have.
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