Brakes feel a bit odd after getting the car back on the road

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Brakes feel a bit odd after getting the car back on the road

Postby Nitro_Alltrac » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:50 pm

I'd had the car off the road for 7 or 8 months getting some things taken car. I got it back on the road last Thursday the brakes felt soft. After sitting for a while I figured the brakes needed bled. I got them bled over the past couple of days and got to take it for a drive today.

They still feel strange. Now the pedal initially feels about right at the start of application but then drops about an inch and then gets a little firmer but not what it should be. It's hard to accurately describe but the gist of it is that the pedal is still soft and the brakes not stopping like they should. Hit the brakes hard and it pulls to the right. Hit the brakes really hard and the right front only locks up.

The front rotors are both now shiny after bleeding, the rears still have a sheen of surface rust on them. Nothing bad but they are not shiny like they should be. The rears don't look like they are operating fully.

I'm not sure where to go next. I think the calipers are OK. All four appear to be working, at least to some extent. It looks like the front brakes are working better than the rears right now.

I was thinking for a while that maybe it's something to do with the master cylinder or the booster but given how the Toyota dual circuit system works, diagonal instead of front and back, I'm thinking that's probably not the case. Proportioning valve maybe going bad?

The car does have ABS which has never worked in the ten plus years I've had the car. I guess there could be an issue in the brick or something but I don't really think so.

Any suggestions?
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