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Boost hesitation and sluggish power solved!!

Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:47 pm

So after many months of driving my Sluggish 91 Celica AllTrac throwing parts at it now and again trying to diagnose why it bogs with any boost over 6psi, it turned out to be my engine timing! With the motor at operating temp and idling, I had corrected it at the distributor by loosening the 2 bolts a bit and then twisting the distributor ever so slightly clockwise(advancing timing) listening to the rpms raise a bit. I set my idle til it was pegged at 900rpm. I didn't even use a timing light or remove my tmic:) hahah so easy. Went for a spirited drive to be sure I wasn't getting any unusual pre detonation or "ping" noise. Fucker is like a new car again!! Hope I can help someone out ;)
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