rebuilt engine that have blue smoke

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rebuilt engine that have blue smoke

Postby superboonan » Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:10 pm

So I bought this celica about 10 months ago and from the start it had alot of problem, blue smoke, overheating (tempgauge read fine) leaking headgasket probably, it had the filthiest engine compartment i've ever seen, so i pretty much had to decide if i was going to buy an replacement engine or do a rebuild and i chose the rebuild to save myself from possible buying another crappy engine :crazy: well then i started taking the egine apart, i had the head completely rebuilt by an trusted mechanic, i had the block machined every bearing replaced every gasket replaced new piston rings did not have money at the time for new pistons, they looked good and tought they were better than cheap ebay ones, new steel headgasket new waterpump,oilpump etc etc.. all new parts where quality parts. well then when i finnally got it running again (about 2 months ago) i found that after i turned it of it started boiling in the top radiator hose, i tought it was just air so i filled the radiator up till it stopped dissapearing coolant from it but it still continued..

well two weeks ago hell broke loose and it started smoking blue like crazy after it warmed up, found alot of oil in intake tought it was the turbo, had the turbo checked but it wasnt that, tried disconnecting the valve ventilation from the intake but it made no diffrence. i noticed that there was oil in the other house that goes from the air filter to the throttle body :? i tried to temporaly fix it with this oil smoke stop that you mix with the oil and it did not do anything

so can it be my new piston ring have worn out already?
steelheadgasket not working?
cracked block.
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