Promising English Parts Fabricator

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Promising English Parts Fabricator

Postby teal1 » Fri May 18, 2018 5:15 pm

I requested info on parts and price from Louis at BRD in England. I will be ordering soon and I'll let the group know how that works out. Obviously shipped costs will be high but may well be worth it. (No affiliation with BRD.)
Following is from BRD:

"Gen4-5 front and engine mount kit £90
Gen4-5 front cross member bushes £55
Gen4-5 Steering rack bush kit £46
gear bush kit £28
gt4 gen4-5 rear subframe bushes x 4 = £105
GT4 gen4-5 diff hanger bushes x 2 = £75
Diff mount £ 90 +£60 core charge, core charge us given back if the old mount is returned.
I all so do an aluminium diff mount £120 and if you send the old diff mount ill give £25 back
And to got with the aluminium diff mount the 2 hanger bushes in race spec solid £95
All these prices are + shipping on top..
I can all so get all the arm bushes front and rear and the 4 spherical hub bushes is needed
I do a 3sgte decat pipe for the 185 £190 + shipping
And throttle body plate for gen4-5 if looking to go fmic £60
Gen4-5 fiberglass vented head light covers left and right, in jell cost ready for you to sand and paint £75 each if wanted in the carbon print $105 each + shipping
If there is anything else you would like price for please let me know."

Louis (BRD)
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Re: Promising English Parts Fabricator

Postby mx6er2587 » Sat May 19, 2018 3:49 am

I purchased a throttle body inlet adapter from BRD. I was very disappointed with the quality. The adapter was not welded all the way around (as shown in his pictures) it was only tacked at 4 points. On top of that the welds looked like they were done by a complete novice. One of the tack points had burned all the way through meaning it would have caused a boost leak. BRD did agree to send me a replacement and while the 2nd one was at least air tight the welds still looked like crap. I will not be spending any more money with them
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