ST165, ST185, and more

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ST165, ST185, and more

Postby Andy » Thu Dec 16, 2021 5:16 pm

FS.... All of the below 10K, OBO

1991 ST185 149K

Rebuilt engine at 100K, currently it seems to have a issue with #2 fuel injector
Also at 100K I swamped in an RC transmission, no testing lever, plus the RC shifter.
ACT Clutch
Fandanza light weight flywheel
2.5 inch KO Racing Downpipe, 3 in mid-pipe, stock on back
HKS Boost Controller,
New Gas Tank and Filler neck about 2008,
About 2019 an essentially new fuel pump bracket
Replaced Fuel Pump Bracket, not new but almost NIB
Braided Steel Clutch line
Clutch Master Cylinder was replaced.
Fuel and brake lines
Struts, sway Bar links and bushings, front and rear
Emergency brake cables
Radiator and ALL hoses, including heater lines
Replaced ABS Cover
New Alternator
New windshield (not Toyota)
New supra bushings in rear suspension
New front strut bearings
Sunroof wind deflector
Factory Rims with Blizack Snow tires... yes I had fun
Plus, a second set of factory rims, no tires.

New parts pending install: SS Brake lines, front ball joints (AutoZone), A Arm bushings (AutoZone, see parts dept...)

JDM part for install: a complete Subframe and Diff from Japan, very clean. ( see parts dept...)

Body: it does have rust issues the Rockers are shot and one of the sub-frame mounts needs TLC.
Rear fender lips are good.
the bottom half of the car had been repainted about 2008;
No foam, I did weld in patches over the years and sprayed it with oil....

Interior: mostly stock, pilfer gauges but no holes, door speakers were replaced, front seats have issues.

Engine: was running great until... the Fuel Pump bracket sprung a leak. Hard to locate but found one that was essentially new.
Shortly after installing, it got a bad miss which I believe to be #2 injector. Transmission and drivetrain, good. the Tachometer needs a capacitor repair.
It has never had a Fuel Cut mod...
It does have an ODB2 interface to provide the following data to the Tourque Appliction on my phone: AFM, TPS, Vacuum/Boost pressure, Injector duration, RPMs

Spare Parts: See the list, I also parted out a 1990 AT

History: I bought this AT from a Doctor with a blown transmission at 59 K. At about 100K I discovered a head gasket leak while driving to pick up the RC transmission.
Pulled the engine,, new rings, water and oil pumps, T belt, seals and such, plus the RC upgrade. Turbo has always sup up just fine, the EBC is nice.
I put 90K on it and must say it was fun.

My DIY Boost Gauge.... yeah, the music

The Arduino ODB2 interface and Torque on my Android

This AT went off the road in 2015 due a leak in the fuel pump bracket piping. I eventually found one, got it fixed, but shortly thereafter it developed a bad miss.
Which I believe to be #2 fuel injector.... maybe just a fuel filter.


1988 St165 150K

2nd Gen engine, extended JDM wiring harness, JDM ECU, single wire O2 sensor, JDM (no EGR) head).
Engine rebuilt with new pistons, bearings and put in at 114K on the body.
Turbo, is a CT27, I it rebuilt, but I think the wastegate does not fully close, boost tops out at about 10lbs, more later.
Straight Air intake.
3 inch Downpipe, 3 in mid-pipe, stock on back
larger Greddy IC Radiator
HKS Blow Off valve
HKS VPC, temperature sensor is installed into the Intake Manifold, but that is all
Powder Coated Intake Manifold
Centerforce clutch
lightwight flywheel,
a Corolla (I think) custom short shifter. It is nice...
Clutch Master Cylinder was replaced.
SS braided brake lines to the calipers
Front wheel bearing have been replaced.
Front ball joints and A Arm bushings were replaced (Autozone).
New Toyota Front rotors (a bit rusty now).
Replaced the power steering rack (not Toyota)
Front brake cylinders have been rebuilt. Toyota kit for the Reass included....
Nw starter
HKS temperature Sensor is installed into the Intake Manifile, HKS FPS _____ included
Summit Racing WB O2 gauge
Turbo Timer
Battery is in the trunk.
New outer seals in the rear diff

Suspension: it has adjustable shocks on the back, I had done the cut andd weld for MR2 shocks....
the Front. also adjustable KYB struts....
The front end got banged up and the FR bumper horn was damaged a bit. I put it into a frame shop and had it repaired.
The FR Struts was damaged and I had to use the struts from the "other" 165,Ground Control Coil Overs, which are now non adjustable..
Those coil overs were adjusted for a very low ride.
The alignment shop said they could do a much better job if the coil overs were adjusted up to match the rear....
That project is pending....

Body: This car, a Blue 165, came from somewhere down south with a clean body and a blown engine which someone tried to squeeze to hard.
I already had a Grey 165 from "Silence", which ran good, but had it's own issues.
I traded with "ScandinavianLink" and some time later I bought the Grey 165 back from someone else as a parts car.

So with the above mentioned bang up the front bumper, grill hood and fenders from the Grey 165 got swapped onto the Blue 165.
I also used the console from the grew car in teh blue car.

All was reasonably well until a break line failed. I had replaced the brake and fuel lines some time ago....
Which predated the newer lines available which are easier to work with and more corrosion resistant.
Other than brakes it could be driven... The fuel lines are OK, but should be replaced as well.

Body: again, this car came from down south and was in very good shape. I cleaned the underside, removed the subframe and gas tank and then painted everything with Rust Bullet.
The trunk lock needs TLC...

The seats are in reasonable condition. The dash has a bubble.

Stock Rims with Blizacks included.

Boost Controller: Manual Boost Controllers are a pain. Electronic boost controllers were expensive.
I made one using an Arduino which also displays the AFM, TPS, Vac/Boost pressure. The display is shot but I have a spare.

Currently it does make some smoke after it warms up. I suspect the turbo needs a wiggle test. Note: other parts includes a stock turbo replacemnt....


The link below is to a spread sheets for parts...
I parted out a grey 165 and a teal 185 so there are lots of parts.

The "Other parts" includes the below, and more

- a Complete engine, Turbo, transmission, wiring harness and ECU as pulled from a 1990 AT with about 113K.
This engine ran fine, the car got hit while parked and deemed beyound fixing. (the below are not the same)

- 2 Transmissions

- 2nd gen Turbo, was working OK when pulled, about 140K
- 2nd Gen Head, no know issues, replace by the above JDM head in the 165

- 1st Gen Turbo, crack on exhaust side
- 1st Gen Head, from the blown 1st gen head, has oversized valves....

Parts List: ... sp=sharing

ST165 Parts Pictures:

ST1*5 Parts Pictures:

Plus Other Parts:

Underboy pictures pending..
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Re: ST165, ST185, and more

Postby FC Zach » Thu Dec 16, 2021 7:24 pm

Hey Andy, I sent you a text if you still have the same cell.
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Re: ST165, ST185, and more

Postby binangret » Sat Dec 18, 2021 1:53 am

I'd like to get the ST165 OEM wheels, alternator snorkel and front grill if you are willing to ship.

Thank You
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Re: ST165, ST185, and more

Postby bry418 » Sat Dec 18, 2021 1:30 pm

Would u sell just the st165??
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Re: ST165, ST185, and more

Postby RedCelicaTRD » Sun Dec 19, 2021 11:14 pm

How does that ODB2 adaptor work? Where is it getting the sensor data?
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Re: ST165, ST185, and more

Postby Andy » Mon Dec 20, 2021 2:23 pm


Although I would like to sell everything together. In part, because I'm crazy busy, moving....
Just putting together the pictures, inventory and writeup was a project...
Somewhere I know there's also a BGB for the 185 and the wiring manuals for 185 and 165... somewhere.

I would consider selling the cars individually.

I'm not sure I want to separate parts from the cars, just yet.

Parts in the "Other Parts" I don't consider as part of a car...
(there are currently a couple 165 exceptions, which I moved.
I have a sale on the Transmissions, pending pickup List updates.

ODB2... I haven't had this pugged in for a quite a while, so cannot guarantee it to still work.
For details see: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=43806&p=470923&hilit=odb2#p412267
Essentially, it's an Arduino micro computer monitoring the 0-5 volt values of the Toyota sensors.
RPMs come from a Fuel injector, with which you can also get injector duratio.
The signal is limited with a 5v diode.
Add AFM, Boost pressure, TPS, etc. and you can guesstimate an Engine Load.
Note: the version in the video use the fuel injector to display RPMs, RMPs disappear under a no load coast...
Data is formatted to the CAN protocol and made available with Bluetooth.
The "Torque" app on an Android can then see it and present it... you get to customized it.
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Re: ST165, ST185, and more

Postby FC Zach » Tue Dec 28, 2021 12:10 am

If a mod sees this, Andy is locked out of his account and needs assistance getting back on. . Can you PM me and I'll give you his details.

I've PMd two moderators so far but they may not log in and see it anytime soon so if anyone sees this in the meantime, help him out.

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Re: ST165, ST185, and more

Postby Prettytony1 » Fri Jan 07, 2022 2:39 am

I'm certainly interested in either of the alltracs that are for sale.
When you get access to your account again, I'd love to discuss pricing if they're still available.
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Re: ST165, ST185, and more

Postby RedCelicaTRD » Mon Jan 10, 2022 3:23 pm

To update any interested parties: We have started the process to help Andy regain access to his account.
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Re: ST165, ST185, and more

Postby Chino160 » Sun Jan 23, 2022 11:39 am

Are any of those Alltracs still available? Im interested in buying one
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